Google Site Kit a New WordPress Plugin [Download]

Google Site Kit

Google Site Kit a New WordPress Plugin [Download]

Google website Kit is AN beat one Plugin for WordPress Google Site Kit, As you recognize there was no WP Plugin of Google. In the WordCamp United States, 2018 Google proclaimed website Kit for WordPress Websites. This Plugin can change your work style and also compress all your works with Google products.

Google Site Kit

With The Google website Kit Plugin, you’ll be able to connect Adsense, Analytics, Search console & Pagespeed insights during a just once click. You no need to visit each of the Google product to check their status. Now website Kit can assist you to stay them in one place.

If you wanted to know how to use it or install it on your WordPress dashboard, Then here is a complete step by step Guide Video Tutorial.

The plugin has not Launched officially on WordPress Plugin Store. You have to download the Beta Version of it from below download button.

Download Site Kit

Using Site Kit on a staging environment

Here’s what you wish to try and do if you’d prefer to attempt web site Kit on a staging environment:

  • Make sure your production web site is verified in Search Console. Site verification is needed as a part of the setup flow for web site Kit. If your production web site is already verified, you’re sensible to travel. Otherwise, since Site Kit can’t place a verification token on the production site, you’ll need to complete this step before you can go through the setup flow. Read more about the different methods to verify a site.
  • Install and activate web site Kit, however, don’t begin the setup flow.
  • Install and activate the helper plugin.
  • It will permit you to drag the stats from your production web site to the staging version.
  • In the helper plugin, add the URL of your live web site within the Custom web site URL field (screenshot below). You don’t need to complete any of the other fields on that page. Start the setup flow for Site Kit.

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